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Vortex Lenses / Spiral Phase Plates

Spiral Phase Plates (SPP) are advanced Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE) that twist a plane Gaussian beam into an optical vortex, offering unique applications. The resulting intensity distribution has a dark central area and therefore called a doughnut-shaped beam. Optical vortices enable higher data transmission rates by employing orbital angular momentum multiplexing and enhance imaging resolution in microscopy. In quantum computing, they allow complex operations by generating high-dimensional quantum states. The laser machining industry benefits from their precision in material processing. Serving as a key technology in optics, Spiral Phase Plates are instrumental in driving innovation and addressing complex challenges across various scientific and industrial domains.

Phase Steps / Mode Converters

Phase steps or Hermite-Gaussian Mode Converter. Transition from the fundamental TEM00 mode to sophisticated higher-order modes by selectively shifting the phase by a factor π which is the half of the phase. Our user-friendly Mode Converter is designed for professionals in optical research, material processing, medical technologies, and telecommunications, offering a wide range of applications. Whether you're advancing scientific studies, improving material processing accuracy, or developing cutting-edge medical treatments, our Mode Converter paves the way for innovation.

Customer specific phase plates

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